Helping the law enforcement family reduce stress

Helping the Law Enforcement Family Reduce Stress


Cop Care is on a mission: We offer experience in the founding and training of volunteer peer support teams. We rely on our own fundraising to be able to offer consultation and training at low cost to your departments. The past few years have increased the attacks on the coping skills of all police officers and Cop Care brings proactive methods that reduce stress, organize effective training which guards against  premature retirement and lowers the chance of  the worst situation-a decision for suicide. Send us an email with contact information. Let our mission come to your command staff and we will convince them of what we already know: Cops can work wonders and every department has brothers and sisters who will volunteer to be trained. Help save our police families!! Cop Care

The chairman of CopCare 20 is John MacAndrew. He was an active Providence police officer for 26 years and was a history and law teacher in Rhode Island and Florida for 24 years. John has assisted the construction of peer teams in RI, Massachusetts, and New York City. He and his peer teams volunteered in NYC for debriefings after 9/11. John was deputy director of recruiting and in-service teaching of police officers in Providence, Rhode Island. 

Donating to Cop Care 20

Donations are always accepted and appreciate to help the organization work its best to provide all Officers and their families get the help and support they need. These donations can be made directly through our secure PayPal account  by clicking the link below. 

All donations can used as a tax write-off at tax time. 

The Organization and the families benefiting from your donation greatly appreciate and thank you!  

What We Do

CopCare 20 is prepared to come to your agency to evaluate your coping procedures following critical incidents and make recommendations for on-going peer support. Every department has talented officers who are respected and may be trained as peer teams for stress abatement purposes while also being trained in the debriefing process. 

In order to create a support system for your department, we need to adhere to these five steps:

  • Command staff must be on board, be consulted first in the process, and provide guidance on department responsibilities. CopCare’s first task is to explain our program to the command staff. 
  • Confidentiality must be in the main principle to gain the respect and cooperation of the folks in the ranks. 
  • Personnel staffing and training must be an open, volunteer-based process where teams receive training through non-judgemental interviewing and critical incident stress techniques; then those who excel and are still interested will be placed in support teams. 
  • Professional mental health folks need to be incorporated and utilized for training the volunteers and going forward to advice the teams in practice and in real events. It is our experience that many professionals are going to volunteer their time.
  • Continuous training and certification both in service and in critical skills areas for helping family members to cope will be the work of the peer support team.

John MacAndrew's Certificates and Trainings

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